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Knowledge base : Amazon Echo - Alexa integration > iOS - Using the Amazon Echo integration while the app is not running

Assuming you already have Amazon Echo integration working when the AnyMote Smart Remote app is running on your phone, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure that the same voice commands work while the AnyMote app is in the background:

1. Make sure that your phone is within Bluetooth range of the AnyMote Home. All commands go from your Echo to the iPhone/iPad and then to the AnyMote Home

2. Never kill the AnyMote app. That means you should never swipe away the app - you should always just send it to background using the Home button and leave it there. Don't worry, your battery is safe!

3. Turn on Background App Refresh for AnyMote, in the System Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh

4. Never put your iPhone/iPad into Low Power Mode.

5. Make sure all notifications are turned on for AnyMote in the System Settings -> Notifications -> AnyMote

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