AnyMote Supported Devices

To find out if your device is supported by AnyMote Home let's start with some information about your phone or tablet.

What Operating System
does your device run?


What version of iOS
does your iPhone or iPad run?

6.2 or older
7.0 or newer

What iDevice are you using?

iPhone 4 or older
iPad 2 or older
iPhone 4S or newer
iPad 3, Air, Mini or newer

What Android version
does your device run?

4.2 or older
4.3 or newer

Does Your Device Has
a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Chip?

You can find that out by checking the official specifications of your device provided by your manufacturer.


Your iPhone is compatible
with AnyMote Home

Your iPad is compatible
with AnyMote Home

Your Android device is compatible
with AnyMote Home

Unfortunately your device isn't compatible with AnyMote Home.

AnyMote Home requires a device that runs Android or iOS, has a Bluetooth 4.0 or newer Low Energy chip, and runs an OS that gives developers direct access to this BLE chip.

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