How To Pair Your Phone or Tablet With AnyMote Home

4 minutes beginner 2 steps You have your new AnyMote Home, and you now want to set it up. The first step is to connect it to your phone or tablet, and since this uses the newest generation Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, the pairing process isn't the same as you knew it from the old-age speakers or headphones.
You won't be using the Bluetooth settings of your phone, but instead you'll just be using the AnyMote app.


- An AnyMote Home Hub
- 2 AA batteries
- The AnyMote Smart Universal Remote app for iOS or Android
- Your smartphone or tablet

Step 1 - Power Your AnyMote Home

The AnyMote Home requires 2 classic AA batteries, the kind that you can find in most stores or on Amazon
Start by removing the battery cover at the bottom of your AnyMote and then insert your Batteries in the correct position. Continue by turning on your AnyMote Home.
As soon as your AnyMote is turned on, the "anymote" logo at the top will light up for 60 seconds or until you connect to it.

If the top logo doesn't light up or is very dim:
- make sure you have inserted your batteries correctly
- make sure your batteries are new and not depleted

Step 2 - Pair With Your Phone Using The AnyMote App

Click here if you have an Android phone with an internal IR Blaster On the first launch of the AnyMote Smart Remote app, you'll see a short presentation slideshow. Tap the I have an AnyMote Home button at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the round button with an arrow on it to start the pairing process.
As soon as pairing is complete, you'll have the option to rename your AnyMote to something recognizable. Click here for more AnyMote Home articles