How To Turn A Phone Into A Smart Home Hub

40 minutes medium difficulty 5 steps
With the fresh launch of the AnyMote Service on IFTTT (If This Then That), a new world of possibilities opens for connecting the AnyMote app on your phone with hundreds of new services.
Many of us have an old Android or iOS phone lying around, and for what we're going to do, a 4-year old phone or tablet will work perfectly. We'll need is:


- An Android phone running Android 4.3 or newer with Google Play or an iOS device running iOS 8 or newer
- The AnyMote Smart Universal Remote app for iOS or Android
- An AnyMote Home Hub if the devices you want to control are not connected to your WiFi/Lan and are controllable by IR

Step 1 - Configure your devices in AnyMote

You'll start by making sure you can control your devices from the AnyMote app. There's a slew of articles to get you started at anymote.io/setup.
If you don't have an internal IR Blaster on your phone (most phones are like that), then the AnyMote app should guide you for setting everything up on its first run.

Step 2 - Create an AnyMote account and enable IFTTT

Go in the AnyMote app settings, scroll down to find IFTTT (Beta), and login with AnyMote. Register / Login are done as a single step, so if an account doesn't exist with your email, it will be created on the fly.
Next, go to ifttt.com/anymote and enable the AnyMote service by logging in with the same account.

Step 3 - Create some automation rules

Everything is now in place for the AnyMote app on your phone to receive commands from IFTTT and control your home devices. When activating IFTTT, you can see a few sample applets (IFTTT recipes), and feel free to create more of your own by going to ifttt.com/create.

Tips & tricks

One way to approach this is to use an old phone (or get a cheap new one) which you can leave plugged in all the time. This way, regardless of who's at home, everyone can take advantage of your setup.

Here are a few ideas:
- create IFTTT applets to connect AnyMote to Google Home / Alexa for custom voice commands - google example, alexa example
- turn on lights at sunset, even if those lights weren't supported by IFTTT before - example
- switch to sports channel when your favorite team's game starts - example - switch to sports channel when your favorite team's game starts - example
- do you have a device not currently supported by AnyMote? The AnyMote app can be configured to send network (http, tcp, udp) commands over the local network