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Knowledge base : Working with your AnyMote Home > How to record your original remote

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First, go to add a new remote in the app, select [Record Remote] on the categories screen, enter the details of the remote, and if prompted select the AnyMote you want to use for recording. Keep your phone, AnyMote and plastic remote within 2 feet / 0.5 meters from each other.

Once that's done, you will get a blank remote with empty, configurable buttons. Tapping any of the buttons will tell the AnyMote to "start listening" for commands from your plastic remote.

To make sure that the recording process works correctly, please follow these steps:
1. Point your remote exactly at the "e" letter of the anymote logo, and press the button on your remote very shortly.
2. Keep your plastic remote close to the AnyMote
3. Do very short presses (as short as you can) on your plastic remote.

You can repeat for all the buttons you want to record.

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