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Knowledge base : Amazon Echo - Alexa integration > Android - Using the Amazon Echo integration while the app is not running

On most Android phones, the AnyMote - Alexa integration works when the app is not running. Your Alexa command will wake up the application, and instruct it to send the command to your devices.
This is dependent on Google push notifications being available on your phone or tablet, so if you have a device that doesn't have Google Play installed (like some Fire tablets), this may not work.

A few minor restrictions:
- if you are using an AnyMote Home device, you need to have Location Services turned ON on your phone. Android classifies Bluetooth as a "location" service, and the application uses Bluetooth to conect to the AnyMote Home
- wifi/data needs to be turned ON on your phone so that it can be notified of your command
- Google Play (and Google Play Services) need to be installed on your phone. Commands go through Google before reaching your phone.
- if you are running Android 6.0 and your phone is in Doze mode (very deep sleep), commands may not work. When in Doze, the voice commands may be significantly delayed before reaching your phone, and they are ignored.

If commands aren't working for you while the app is in the background or not running, don't hesitate to email at

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