The AnyMote apps and the AnyMote Home hub are now discontinued.

October 9, 2021

When we set out to build AnyMote, the vision for it has always been to give you control over the myriad of devices in your home in a way that is unified, friendly, and truly smart. While we believe that was a noble goal and that we've gotten relatively close to it, what we also learned over time is that herding so many different types of cats is a problem that needs a completely different level of investment than we had available.
On top of this, as popular as AnyMote got thanks to its absolutely amazing community, it also proved that maintaining a software system of this complexity would only be feasible by charging 10x of what we were charging, and that's not something we wanted to do.
The people who moved us the most, those for whom we truly felt that we were making a positive impact on their life, were people who are rarely in a position to spend hundreds of dollars a year on a new service. People with physical handicaps using voice commands exclusively, people in nursing homes and hospitals using highly remotes highly customized for simplicity, etc.

As such, we have moved on to do other things. We discontinued the AnyMote Home hardware 3 years ago, and the software 3 months ago. As of today, we're shutting down our cloud services as well. What this means is that the AnyMote software will continue functioning for all of its local features, however configuring new remotes will not be possible.

As a parting thought, we'd really like it to be known how much appreciation we have for the community of tinkerers that formed around AnyMote. You all are truly impressive, and seeing the amazing things you were able to do with our products kept us humble and focused on always keeping everything open.

Thank you!